Sunday, December 28, 2008

M.C.A.S. El Toro - insignia

The first item in this post was acquired a couple of months ago. The image shows part of the cover of a hardcover unit history yearbook-type book, published for men who served at Marine Corps Air Station, El Toro, California. The book is filled with numerous black and white photos of the base and some of the units that trained or were stationed there.

At one point in time the servicemen added a rather large anatomical part to the bull, which was eventually removed upon orders emanating from higher up the command chain. The second item is a matchbook cover with an image of the design that I have had in my collection for years.


Meredith D. said...

El Toro was always one of my favorites. So sad the logo went with it when the base closed! So...who actually owns the rights to these images when that happens?

DisneyDave said...

Hello Meredith. Thanks for stopping by.

I am not sure who owns the rights to the design once the unit or base disbands or a ship is decommissioned, sold to a foreign government or scrapped.

I am sure the Disney Company would claim copyright.

The designs were given to the unit with a standard merchandise contract, which stated the unit could use the design for whatever they wanted - the only exception being that anything made for sale to the general public would have to be under license.

I have a copyright lawyer looking into the issue for me.